Walking not by sight: try on this pair


1)  The compound fractures of blindness and a foot disease

From:  The Mossy Foot News Blog “Sight is Coming to Blind Eyes” (Sept 16, 2013)



“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.” Isaiah 11:6  (emphasis, mine)


In Isaiah, this is a beautiful prophetic image. In Ethiopia, however, the concept of being led by a little child has a dark and tragic meaning rather than a glorious one. Because of poverty and lack of medical care, blindness is common in the rural villages. You will often see an adult being led from place to place by a young child.

The consequence of blindness for the adult is of course devastating for there is little work available for someone without eyesight. But the consequences for the child can also be drastic, eliminating any opportunity to attend school or enjoy free time with other children.

Blindness for Zenebech, one Ethiopian widow with mossy foot disease, forced her to giving her youngest child away since she could not care for him.

How then will she walk?

[For more information on ‘mossy foot’ also called ‘podoconiosis’ check: http://www.podo.org/]


2)  A walking testimony of ingenuity and sensibility

 From: Jason’s Profile “Lab Intern Sherene Ng, awarded 54K Fellowship” (May 14th, 2013)  


 Sherene Ng, a Ryerson University graduate in Toronto and a participant in their SheEO program http://sheeo.ca/sheeos/sherene-ng/ received a large fellowship to kick start a business commercializing her prototype of a shoe for people with low vision.

The device is a wearable shoe sensor that vibrates to alert users when objects are in their walking path. The goal is to minimize tripping hazards and falls for people who may not be able to detect the objects on their own.

If the shoe fits, wire it and wear it in good health.


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