Shoe Stories – A Downtown Encounter

Fast lane teetering on four-inch heels

Walking the ‘solo mio’ gait of sidewalk contempt,

A sneering face dripped on One as she passed by;

Seeing duct-taped shoes, her hurry was hell-bent.

She wanted to run from this hand reaching out.

But, in her heels there was no hastening.

In her shoes there was a rub…

In her heart there was a chastening.


Stopping suddenly, down she leaned, and lower still

Breaking a heel, snap! Breaking a heart, crack!

The heart which broke was her own of scorn

A glass cover for a heart so torn.

In broken shoe now, assessing that neither could be worn

Her gait would be uneven.

She tossed them off and chose to bare her feet. 

She was no longer leaving.


Her approach to the hastily-taped shoes was impassioned

Feet burning, she knew He would have good news.

“Tell me how You walk in those duct-taped shoes.

I know the dangers of open grates and escalators.

I know every pothole and pitfall in this city.

But in those hour-inch heels,

These impediments bring me no pity.

And here are You, One resting so easily

In Your untied, unfit duct-taped shoes.

Tell me, Foot-Soldier, what is Your news?”


© 2013 Teresa Sandhu



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