Traversing the Mountain of God: A North Korean Odyssey PART THREE

Feet first

I jump into water that shoulders the boundaries

Of the fanatically-fenced land with the open-for-business land

I go under cover of darkness

And just miss the search lights of the destroyer

Rays of hope, I want to think and then…

I am pulled from the water

And hastened by a helper onto the next long leg of the journey

On a train,

I catch my breath, Your breath.

My training in non-existence kicks in

I can disappear into that inner place

That inner walk with You.

Bumping along, I sleep with one eye open

Resting on the cushion of air at my back

Resting only in God, my deliverer

One eye open

Heart hesitating to believe what I see from the train window

Beauty of nature and productivity of man,

A glimpse of the secret garden

My eye cries a few old tears and some of me slips back into the prison of the walls

You encounter my doubt with Your love.

I climb out.

Resolute that I am meant to climb higher

Noting that there is still a great need for inner-speak in my outer walk.


Through more borders without walking papers

I am at the mercy of Your hand

My helpers have given much

Advice and provisions and a cover story.

I pass through….

The guards and the crowds can’t see that I am a giraffe!

They don’t notice that my heart is led into confidence

By a pillar of fire.


© 2013 by Teresa Sandhu. All rights reserved


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