Marked Feet Stand Out

Ordinary feet are not perfect. When they inevitably deteriorate, they have our full attention. In our day to day lives, we may notice other weak, broken or marked feet. But we often look away. It is a shame; even in a glance we could still glean some truth.

Marked feet have metaphorical significance. They point to a spiritual truth, modeling God’s original purposes for our feet:

  • A dependent walk
  • A definitive gait
  • A message of redemption with every step

There is always a back story on marked feet. The theme is usually about overcoming the odds: Clubfeet are a congenital deformity. Badly fitting shoes cause hammer toes.  A diving accident paralyzes the diver. Polio weakens a child’s muscles, necessitating crutches for life.  An industrial accident leaves the worker with a limp. An IED (improvised explosive device) hits a soldier on foot patrol.  Amputation and prosthetics are just the beginning of a rehabilitated walk. 

It behooves us to learn the narrative of any marked foot.


© 2013 Teresa Sandhu. All rights reserved.


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