Mephibosheth: Feet Under the Banquet Table

Mephibosheth is introduced in 2 Samuel chapters 4 and 9 as a grandson of King Saul. He was lame in both feet, having fallen as a child.

At that time, the Kingdom of Judah was in turmoil. Mephibosheth assumed that newly crowned David was his enemy and went into hiding. Unexpectedly, King David sent for Mephibosheth, asking his servant to carry the lame boy back to the palace. Mephibosheth misunderstood the king’s purpose and cowered in his presence. To the boy’s surprise, David honored him as a member of the royal household – no conditions attached. David treated him as a son with every right to be at the banquet table.

Mephibosheth’s lame feet were tucked under the “all you can eat” table as he tucked into the feast. But, his eyes were fastened on the king.

Pastor and author Charles Stanley (1) suggests that the Mephibosheth story parallels the one in the Garden of Eden. The comparable “fallen” condition of Adam and Eve prompts them to hide (Genesis 3:8). They and their descendants (you and I) depend on God’s rescue and restoration to His family. Like Mephibosheth, we are invited to dine at the table of the King of Kings. Our celebration of Holy Communion foreshadows this royal banquet. We, like Mephibosheth, have a rightful place at the table when relationship with the King is restored.


Adapted from:  Sandhu, T.J. (2013). Walking with God: Praying through footwork metaphors in scripture. Unpublished manuscript.


(1)           Charles Stanley,  Mephibosheth, lame on both feet or, the Kindness of God (Bible Centre; 2006 Oct. )


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