High Jinx on a High Wire over Niagara Falls


On September 14, 1860, Charles Blondin became the first person to cross a tightrope stretched 11,000 feet across the Niagara Falls. He walked back and forth several times … each time with a different daring feat – once in a sack, on stilts, on a bicycle, in the dark, and blindfolded. One time he even carried a stove and cooked an omelet in the middle of the rope! He also crossed while pushing a wheelbarrow holding a sack of potatoes. 

He asked the attentive crowd: “Do you believe I can carry a person across in this wheelbarrow?”

           For the rest of this truly unique story, follow the link: http://www.inspire21.com/stories/faithstories/CharlesBlondin

           Photo source for Charles Blondin: http://history1800s.about.com/od/popularentertainment/ig/Images-of-Blondin/

           Short video about Blondin’s amazing feats: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lii9j95tqIw&feature=related


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