Itchy Feet?


Continuing from yesterday – here is a third batch of idioms.

Are you becoming more aware of footy expressions?  When you start paying attention to speech and writing patterns, you find feet – usually fitted out as idioms and even clichés – deliver all kinds of messages.

Here are ten expressions that refer to feet or legs.  Check out the meanings. Some may be more familiar than others. Have you heard or used one of these idioms recently?


21. To have feet of clay is to have a hidden flaw or weakness (an allusion to the fragility of clay).

22. To have itchy feet is to be restless.

23. To have one foot in the grave is to be in poor health or near death.

24. To have two left feet is to feel clumsy.

25. To have the world at one’s feet is to be afforded an opportunity for rewarding experiences.

26. “Head to toe” means “entirely” or “thoroughly.”

27. To keep one’s feet on the ground is to remain realistic and responsible.

28. To keep someone on one’s toes is to do or say one or more things that cause the person to remain alert or attentive.

29. “Knee-high to a grasshopper” is a colorfully exaggerated expression referring to being a small child.

30. To land on one’s feet is to recover from a setback.

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