Did You Have To Think On Your Feet Today?


Here is the last of the fifty feet-related idioms. By now you are an expert.  Some week soon this blog will focus on the prevalence of footwork idioms in political headlines in major newspapers.  This week’s list is just the warm-up.

Here are ten more expressions that refer to feet or legs along with their meanings. Pick one to use today! (I recommend the one in the title.)

41. To put one’s foot to the floor is to suddenly hurry or increase one’s speed.

42. To set foot somewhere is to go into that place.

43. To shoot oneself in the foot is to do or say something disadvantageous to one’s own interests.

44. To stand on one’s own two feet is to act or live independently.

45. To step, or tread, on someone’s toes is to impinge on that person’s authority or responsibility or interfere with the person’s actions.

46. “The shoe is on the other foot” means that a situation has been reversed so that one who had been responsible for another’s misfortune is now suffering the same misfortune.

47. To think on one’s feet is to solve a problem reflexively or spontaneously.

48. To toe the line is to remain within the bounds of proper behavior or conduct.

49. To wait for the other shoe to drop is to be in expectation of receiving further developments or news.

50. To wait on someone hand and foot is to serve that person continuously.



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