Feet Up or Running Around?


HIATUS: I won’t be posting during July. Friends are in-town from out-of-country. Plus, I just got five boxes of books that I have to give away.  The book?  Thank you for asking.  It is the recently published: 

“Walking with God: Praying through Footwork Metaphors in Scripture”.   By Teresa Sandhu


As for this blog, my daily joy:  here’s a breadcrumb trail to follow… Future weekly themes on www.followingfeet.com:

  • Shoemakers (Some, famous and some, desperate.)
  • Toes (Toe-besity, what!)
  • Legal Issues (Thou shalt not trespass or cross streets.)
  • Shoe Shines (AKA – covert intelligence gathering.)
  • Technology (Apps, smart shoes and gizmos galore.) 

Until August!   Walk well. Go far.

Happy Canada Day!  Happy 4th of July!  Happy Summer!