Sound Effects Activated by Footsteps

Technology The Gaits App for Highline

New Yorkers love the High Line, the elevated park built on an old freight rail line on Manhattan’s Far West Side. But last winter, the High Line was a chilly place to be on a Friday afternoon when the walkway was swept by wintry gusts.

Still, an intrepid group of people showed up to take part in “The Gaits,” a kind of environmental piece created by three composers, Lainie Fefferman, Jascha Narveson and Cameron Britt, along with Daniel Iglesia, who creates music and sound installations in which people and computers interact.

What they created here, as part of Make Music Winter, was a free iPhone app. Participants were given small sets of speakers that could be attached to their coats or backpacks, or held by hand. As they began the walk at the southern end of the High Line, near Gansevoort Street, their every footstep or hand twist kicked the app into action, and they heard various sounds — clinking, chimes, splashing water, car horns, chords on electric guitar and, in a novel touch, occasional rounds of applause.

At the end, as everyone gathered, “The Gaits” culminated in a sustained, shimmering chord, before individual apps wound down, the sounds disintegrated, and everyone headed off to find a place to warm up and maybe have some coffee.


Quoting: Anthony Tommasini

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