Running on the Rue

Technology Running Chips France

Sightseeing in Paris has a new pace, thanks to technology and the widespread passion for running. Link up with groups or search out routes on websites Map My Run, Walk Jog Run, Run Keeper, or Run Map. Run the Planet and Running Routes also provide routes with commentary on directions and scenery.

Nike Running France offers twilight runs past major landmarks with the guidance of certified coaches. You sign up for the event on Facebook, and meet at the flagship Nike store on the Champs-Élysées.

Paris is fast developing a reputation as a runner’s paradise. Registration numbers for the race series Paris Running Tour are on the increase. Their routes showcase distinct neighborhoods and spectacular parks. Timekeeping site Top Chrono has partnered with the city to erect digital panels in various parks allowing runners equipped with personalized chips to see their progress displayed in real time.


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