Toe Tag – A Physical Education Game

Toe Tag game

Students keep their toes from being “tagged” by other kids—while becoming more nimble and quick

Objective and overview:  Toe Tag motivates your students to keep their feet moving quickly to avoid being “toe tagged” by another person. This game is great for developing agility and coordination.

Introduce the Activity:  Tell your students the name of the game and its purpose: to practice being quick on their feet.

Everyone starts as “it”; the object of the game is to “toe tag” one another by tapping another student’s toe with their own. Once a student is toe tagged, he or she is out until the next game starts.

Emphasize that there is no stomping on toes allowed!

Explain that all students must stay within the boundaries and that if they stray outside them, they must sit out until the next game starts. (Games go quickly, so they won’t be out for long.)

The winner of each game is the last person remaining whose toe has not been tagged.

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