Shoe-Making during Japanese Internment

Shoemaker Japanese internment camp

“Dad had to make so many wooden getas (clogs) for our family of seven. My brothers helped saw, drill, and sand, and we girls braided the straps and knotted them through the holes. They kept our feet from getting dirty after we took our showers, and they were great for walking in the sticky mud when it rained.” So wrote the gifted artist, Chizuko Judy Sugita de Queiroz, in her memoir “Camp Days 1942-1945”.

George Takei, in the book’s introduction, described her art which has arisen out of “girlhood years imprisoned in [an internment] camp called Poston in the desolation of a desert in Arizona.  Chizuko’s art is a powerful narrative of a shameful event in our history. It is also an evocative personal chronicle of the survival of a loving and resilient family.”

See also: “Camp Days 1942-1945” a memoir by Chizuko Judy Sugita de Queiroz.

Special thanks to glass artist Caroline Jonas for this information.


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