An App to Facilitate Texting While Walking

Walking while distracted WalkNText app

‘WalkNText’ – iPhone/Android App

Product Description  (from its producer):

“Smart walk and text gives you the advantage of texting while you are walking. Through transparent screen you can see what is ahead of you and you can avoid stumbling and falling. In this application, you can send SMS and receive SMS .The whole application works is transparent, so you can use this application while you are walking.”

Product Review  (from a fan):

“Now you can finally become the master of your own domain and confidently walk and text (simultaneously) whenever, wherever you want… It’s perfect for people like me who trip over their own two feet on a regular basis. ….If you don’t want to eat the concrete while you are walking… get the WalkNText app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android smartphone.

I’ve compared this app to similar ones, and it’s the best one of its kind for many reasons. First of all, it has a transparent keyboard which allows for a much larger viewing space (if you don’t want the transparent keyboard, with one click, you can switch back to the built in keyboard). So whatever your style is; you can truly type and walk without being nervous at all.”


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