Training – Competition – Podium … Footwork of the Pan Am Games

Pan Am blog announcement pic

Announcement:  is going to the Games!  From Aquatics to Wrestling, starting May 1st, this blog will feature the footwork of all 51 Pan Am sporting events.  Daily descriptions portray how the athletes’ feet make a difference in their accuracy, power, performance and the prospects of the podium.

On Thursday April 30, I will post the blog schedule. Each day –  from May 1 to June 22  – condensed descriptions of the footwork of a different sport!   Use the blog to help you watch the Games, so you can better appreciate what the athletes are doing. Compare it to your own footwork if you play the sport!

Also…Please pray for the athletes. They bring courage, strength and years of discipline to their sporting events.  I hope that this presentation of the literal aspects of footwork in sports will lend itself to the metaphorical, spiritual understandings of how God uses our feet. If you have insights into this, I welcome your comments.

Go to Pan Am Schedule

Photo of Synchronized Swimmers:


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