Jogging Your Memory


Perhaps this expression is more literal than we thought –

       Here’s what it means:

Being in motion makes us smarter, and being smarter allows us to move more efficiently.

       Here’s the scientific hypothesis:

Jogging after prey helped to drive human brain evolution.  A million years ago, we could out-run and out-walk most other mammals over long distances. Our brains were shaped and sharpened by movement. We continue to require regular physical activity in order for our brains to function optimally.

      There are many studies. 

       Here’s a finding:

Regular exercise, even walking, leads to more robust mental abilities, beginning in childhood and continuing into old age.


Picture source:

The Lévy Walk



What do hunter-gatherer groups foraging on foot for food have in common with sharks and honeybees?  What do they have in common with you and the way you move about? 

According to anthropological studies, we follow a similar mathematical pattern of movement.  It is “called the Levy walk…a series of short movements in one area combined with a few longer treks to more distant areas.”

(Now you know what to do with that GPS wrist-watch that was under the tree.)