€3,000 ‘Haute Couture’ Sneakers?


When sneakers and tattoos appeared on the spring 2014 haute couture runways of Paris, it was as if the grande dame of fashion had doffed her stuffy embroidered gown for an entirely more current wardrobe…

It was a message echoed at Giambattista Valli, Vionnet and Chanel, where the models had a spring in their step. They skipped, sauntered and bounded down the double staircase that was part of Karl Lagerfeld’s jazz club set within the Grand Palais.

The collection’s recurring silhouette consisted of a corset topped by a cropped shirt or bolero. Coco Chanel herself rejected garments that constricted the body, but today, emphasizing the midriff – even by wrapping it in the finest Chanel tweed – fits our fixation with fitness.

To underscore the athletic message, many of the looks were accessorized with knee pads, fanny packs and sneakers in lace and python that are expected to cost upwards of €3,000.


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Remembering the Boston Marathon – One Year Later


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