N.B.A Players’ Shoe Obsession


Pro basketball players score points under the net or from the line with passion.  They score sneakers on the street just as avidly. Wearing head-turning sneakers is part of ‘who has game’.  “Players want to be seen, and they don’t want to look alike,” said Jay Gaspar, the Phoenix Suns’ equipment manager. “Shoes become their identity.”

The N.B.A restricts players’ professional apparel to matching uniforms; they even supply the socks. But sneakers are different – the players are free to express themselves. And they do, with mucho gusto and mucho dinero. (Pleasure and pay checks.)

Go to the link below to see which player has:

  • four locations across different states to warehouse his sneaker collection?
  • a Nike sponsorship but gives himself a ‘sneaker allowance’ of $2,000 a month to buy more?
  • a sneaker vault in his home?
  • a 2,000-pair collection?
  • shoes accented in gold as a tribute to the Grammy Awards?
  • 200 pairs piled in boxes next to his bed?
  • splurged on 57 pairs in a single afternoon?
  • said he would love to wear a new style every game?
  • played in a pair of Air Yeezy 2s — an exceedingly rare sneaker, the product of a collaboration between Nike and the rapper Kanye West?
  • claimed to have “the best shoe game in the league”?


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“Walk a Mile in HRH’s Shoes?”


British journalist Nick Collins reported that Queen Elizabeth II has an assistant to wear in her shoes. The Queen must be able to walk without concerning herself with her feet.  It would never do for her to change her shoes half way through an official engagement, the Queen’s longtime dress designer, Stewart Parvin told Collins. (1)

Across the pond, Canadians quipped about this revelation in The Globe and Mail’s Letters to the Editor. In a letter entitled Sole Proprietor,  Frank Cain of Toronto wrote:

“You report the Queen has an assistant to wear in her new shoes to prevent chafing (Social Studies – May 24). Would that make the assistant a sole mate?” (2)


(1)   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/queen-elizabeth-II/9278018/Queen-employs-Royal-shoe-wearer-to-soften-up-new-leather.html

(2)    http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-debate/letters/may-26-letters-to-the-editor/article4209781/