Walking the Tightrope with Faith in God


Sometimes the tightrope is literal:

Balancing act: Nik Wallenda in training for his Grand Canyon walk (Photo: Jason Elias)


Wallenda is religious… His miked-up prayers were heard by millions of viewers as he inched his way along the wire. But he denies he is “testing” God with his stunts. “To test God would be to never train, never practise, and then to walk across the Grand Canyon; or to jump off a building, or throw myself in front of a truck,” he says. “My faith simply means that I have confidence in the fact that if I die, I know where I’m going.”


Sometimes the tightrope is figurative:

There is a godly tightrope of dynamic tension between the reality of subjective experience and biblical doctrine.  Let us strive to maintain our balance!  There is a tension – it is supposed to be there!

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