An Advocate for Those of No-Fixed Address


“’NOMAD’ was a good word for Nicolae Gheorghe. He was always on the move, with his worldly goods strapped to his back: a laptop, bundles of e-mails, a ring-binder, three shirts.”

Thus, begins the obituary of an influential advocate for the Roma, a traveling people.  He was tireless:

  • A well-read, multilingual cosmopolitan 
  • An academic, writing on the plight of the Roma for the Western Press. 
  • An award-winning point-man for all things Roma to international organizations. 
  • A gypsy by blood and upbringing. 
  • An anthropologist of his own people.
  • A secretary to an illiterate “King of the Gypsies”
  • An activist when Roma were moved into ghettos
  • An entrepreneur, setting up the first Roma NGO

He dreamed dreams for the Roma people:

  • That talented young Roma would get involved in business and politics.
  • That the wider world would understand the Roma as “transnational, representing a society whose ideals were broader, freer and more enterprising than those in nation states.”