PAN AM Mountain Biking Footwork

pan am cycling mountain bike       Mountain bikers cycle off-road trails. They face steep ascents and descents, switchbacks and surprises en route. Adrenaline pumps as feet pump pedals up and over rocks, mud and drop-offs.  The experience is as technically challenging as the lingo is colourful: “riding switch-foot, involuntary dismount, bomb holes and gonzo hills, aquaplaning over camel bumps, carving corners, and riding stumps and roots like they are eggshells.”

Footwork Tips:

Pedaling – Plant foot on pedal platform; line up pedal axle just behind ball of foot.  Push downward on pedal in a circular stroke as though ‘trying to wipe mud off the bottom of your shoe’.

Cornering – Stop pedaling in a corner, let heel of outer foot drop to increase traction in the turn. Swing inside knee into the corner. Keep weight on outer pedal, while taking inside foot off pedal. Shift hips laterally over bike seat.

Uphill –   Lean into handle bars, sit forward on the seat to keep front wheel down and give back wheel traction. Pedal powerfully and smoothly.  No standing or stomping on pedals which only increases heart rate and decreases balance.

Downhill – Point knees down track and then stand on pedals.  Place dominant foot forward and tilted slightly up. Roll with heels down when standing up. Weight is on both pedals and a little further back on the bike.

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