North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un: Limping Gait

Gait famous peeps Kim N Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was suffering from “discomfort,” state media reported in the first official acknowledgement of ill health. Kim, 31, the centerpiece of the isolated country’s propaganda, had earlier been seen walking with a limp. Then he disappeared from the public eye for six weeks.

“The wealth and prosperity of our socialism is thanks to the painstaking efforts of our marshal, who keeps lighting the path for the people, like the flicker of a flame, despite suffering discomfort,” a voice-over for the hour-long documentary said. Kim has rapidly gained weight since coming to power after his father died of a heart attack in 2011, photos released by state media show. “Based on his gait, it appears he has gout,” said Michael Madden, an expert on the North Korean leadership.

Then, another explanation came to light. CNN reported that the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had had a cyst removed from his right ankle. “European experts” handled the surgery for tarsal tunnel syndrome. The syndrome is caused by compression at the ankle — known to cause pain during standing and walking.

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Traversing the Mountain of God: A North Korean Odyssey PART FOUR

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I watch my feet on this mountain

Not wanting to stumble

I watch as You super-intentionally

Widen my path

Remove obstacles

Shadow and overshadow me

Strengthen me

The wind at my back

You keep me upright and aligned

Feet following


Mountain of God.



As I risk for You

I anticipate Your release of power

In the here and now.

For You, from You, for You.

I really don’t know where I am.

I am following blindly on faith.

You taught me this.

I am really doing it.

I can engage in nothing and with no one around me

Only the ones You have given to hold up my arms

In this prayer of pleading

This prayer-walk you are leading.

As heightened as my senses are

There is a dullness, a doubt

In this long walk through this tunnel to freedom.


I hear the bidding of Your Spirit.

Wait! You have been trained to wait!

Keep walking!

I am with you and will never let you go.

The plan to bring you out is Mine.

And so,

I await a home-coming in my going.

The final stage can take forever

To the ears of a man listening to a clock.


© 2013 by Teresa Sandhu. All rights reserved


Traversing the Mountain of God: A North Korean Odyssey PART FIVE

Finally, in a moment of drowsy dream

I see the last impediments fall away.

Papers are stamped and shuffled and stone faces nod.

My feet awake from pins and needles.

The endlessness of night is over.

In a blink of the eye

The last step has been taken


And I have arrived

I have moved from the underground

To Holy Ground.

From fetters to freedom.

I only ask that as You unbind my feet

To walk this new land

That I continue to run every new risk with You.

And Heavenly Father,

That Your release of power

On earth as it is in heaven

Would bring life

To the dead men walking

Bumping into walls

In my old land.


© 2013 by Teresa Sandhu. All rights reserved


Traversing the Mountain of God: A North Korean Odyssey PART THREE

Feet first

I jump into water that shoulders the boundaries

Of the fanatically-fenced land with the open-for-business land

I go under cover of darkness

And just miss the search lights of the destroyer

Rays of hope, I want to think and then…

I am pulled from the water

And hastened by a helper onto the next long leg of the journey

On a train,

I catch my breath, Your breath.

My training in non-existence kicks in

I can disappear into that inner place

That inner walk with You.

Bumping along, I sleep with one eye open

Resting on the cushion of air at my back

Resting only in God, my deliverer

One eye open

Heart hesitating to believe what I see from the train window

Beauty of nature and productivity of man,

A glimpse of the secret garden

My eye cries a few old tears and some of me slips back into the prison of the walls

You encounter my doubt with Your love.

I climb out.

Resolute that I am meant to climb higher

Noting that there is still a great need for inner-speak in my outer walk.


Through more borders without walking papers

I am at the mercy of Your hand

My helpers have given much

Advice and provisions and a cover story.

I pass through….

The guards and the crowds can’t see that I am a giraffe!

They don’t notice that my heart is led into confidence

By a pillar of fire.


© 2013 by Teresa Sandhu. All rights reserved

Traversing the Mountain of God: A North Korean Odyssey PART TWO

Then, a pattern in me takes shape

Encouragement turns into inspiration and then into a gasping desperation

Your fire burns within me, a deeper prayer

To move out of this oxygen-starved place. 

To change altitude.

To leave this godless, grasping society.

I long for freedom of movement

My feet are ready to go!

With You at my back.

I am ready to move out.

Courage under fire!

This pattern of prayer comes from You.


These days are marked on the calendar of strategic planning.

Holy Spirit, You equip me with a vision of what next

Training me within

In my heart, I can see through Your eyes.

I walk before You, dear wind

As You tilt me onto new paths

And up this high mountain.

Of the presence of the Lord.

I am there as You share wisdom beyond my own

I am there in the understanding of plans You provide.

Your counsel has entered and registered within me and

You have given me the blueprint of an exit strategy.

I get prepared to leave

I await Your hand

It will cost me all I have

I pour out my all and

Wait in the fear of the Lord.


These days

The waiting teaches me everything

As I cross unveiled thresholds of hope

You teach me to see with Your vision

You teach me to speak with Your perspective,

Your authority and Your peace.

My feet are anointed to be free.

My feet have followed You underground

And now

I am prepared to climb out and climb higher.

And now

I am ready to leave.


Whisper, please, dear wind

Into my heart any correction or redirection

That my Heavenly Father speaks to You.

We will talk much as I go.

These are the words I remember speaking to You

In my heart before I held my breath….



© 2013 by Teresa Sandhu. All rights reserved

Traversing the Mountain of God: A North Korean Odyssey PART ONE

Walls within walls within walls…

My inner-speak is free and You hear every word.

We walk in the secret garden of love You have planted in my heart

I can see how things should be in the light of Your love.

You regard my rootless restlessness

In the outer political dungeon

With Your loving compassion.

And then, as though it were a blessing and a preparation,

You take off my thin shoes with Your warm hands.

Wash my calloused feet and anoint them with the fragrant oil

Of Your presence.

You have given them

An itch for freedom of movement

Outside these walls.


These days

My outer path is cold, circular and unrelenting.

A maze of fragmented heart-rending choices

To do what is best for my family

And yet serve the political dragon.

When I walk ‘underground’

I find great illumination in the darkness

As I walk in Your word in worship.

Outside, I walk with heart tucked in

A paper badge on my sleeve;

My biggest lie.


With Your wind at my back

My longing for freedom gets a longer stride.

Your comfort is there as I turn a corner and make difficult choices…

What to do next? So many possible snares!

Comfort again from You and

By Holy Spirit impetus,

I am bid to move into the forbidden freedom.

To climb an impossible mountain.

With courage.


Where will strength and provision for the treacherous journey come from?

Wholly His I have wholly received

The breath of life within me.

The source of life.  The overcoming power.

You breathe encouragement into me


Your every Word a firestorm of love

You fan the flame in my heart.

I have learned an inner walk

Where I walk on the coals of this furnace within me

In practice

You have shown me what I can do

With You at my back.

Every practical matter is in Your hands.

Sight unseen,

I begin to trust deeply in an underground part of me

That You are forming.


© 2013 by Teresa Sandhu. All rights reserved