Simple Steps to Selling a Brand


AXA EQUITABLE, a French-based insurance company, is taking an axe to its name, trimming it to AXA in the USA.

After studying consumer needs in the complex financial marketplace, their publicity company (Publicis Kaplan Thaler) has devised a sharp new campaign.  Consumers can contemplate a simple message as they climb stairs in public places such as Grand Central Station in New York.

          “Reach your financial destination one small step at a time. AXA redefining standards.”

The staircase is both the medium and the message.


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Promenade Plantée (‘The Planted Stroll’ en Français)


The green jewel of Paris is a beautifully planted, slow-paced walkway called “Promenade Plantée.”  Once an abandoned railway line, it is the world’s first partially elevated park.  Parisians (and those in-the-know) stroll past seasonally-changing cherry and chestnut trees, through long ‘halls’ of bamboo and by gem-colored perennials. 

The “green stream” runs for three miles from the Opéra Bastille to the Bois de Vincennes. Its elevated portion stretches between the Opéra and the Jardin de Reuilly.  Then it goes to street level and passes through a few railway tunnels.

Imagine your mind and your legs unwinding in this unforgettable place!

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