Keeping Up with American Political Metaphors

Metaphors in pix USA

“Democrats’ Last Stand? Party foothold in Deep South at stake in Landrieu run-off.”

“Deportations Give Migrants Cold Feet.”

“’Foot-in-Mouth’ Kerry’s Nixonian Blunder.”

“Hagel touts ‘light footprint’ strategy for US military amid Ukraine unrest.”

“Running in the shadow of Obama.”

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Standing for Office

ImageFrom: New York Times Magazine, February 17, 2013

“All Quiet on the Washington Front”.     An interview with Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth by Andrew Goldman.


Tammy Duckworth, a strong woman of small stature, flew a Blackhawk helicopter in Iraq in 2004.  It was shot down.  Unassailable in her mission to serve Americans, she flies a desk in Washington these days.