Traversing the Mountain of God: A North Korean Odyssey PART FOUR

(So sorry that this was posted ‘out of order’, TS)



I watch my feet on this mountain

Not wanting to stumble

I watch as You super-intentionally

Widen my path

Remove obstacles

Shadow and overshadow me

Strengthen me

The wind at my back

You keep me upright and aligned

Feet following


Mountain of God.



As I risk for You

I anticipate Your release of power

In the here and now.

For You, from You, for You.

I really don’t know where I am.

I am following blindly on faith.

You taught me this.

I am really doing it.

I can engage in nothing and with no one around me

Only the ones You have given to hold up my arms

In this prayer of pleading

This prayer-walk you are leading.

As heightened as my senses are

There is a dullness, a doubt

In this long walk through this tunnel to freedom.


I hear the bidding of Your Spirit.

Wait! You have been trained to wait!

Keep walking!

I am with you and will never let you go.

The plan to bring you out is Mine.

And so,

I await a home-coming in my going.

The final stage can take forever

To the ears of a man listening to a clock.


© 2013 by Teresa Sandhu. All rights reserved